In the kingdom of the ridiculous

Well … you know how it is: When you run a seminary, you have to pretend that theology is an actual branch of knowledge, even if the cost of that legerdemain is counted in human misery.

The problem with Christian theology is that it doesn’t do the hard work of establishing its premises. It can’t prove the existence of supernatural beings, it can’t prove those supernatural beings have an interest in us, and it can’t prove that the Bible tells us anything about the wishes of those supernatural beings (whose existence and interests, remember, it can’t prove). So it sweeps all those failures under the rug and grandly presupposes that all those things are true.

And then theologians get busy conjugating obscure Greek verbs and telling everybody what to do — and, believe it or not, theologians have been getting away with that scam for 2-millennia.

Contrast that with engineering, which in scarcely more than 300-years has gone from Isaac Newton being bonked on the head by an apple … to walking on the moon. Definitely, theology is where the C-teamers seek their fortune.

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