Poem of the day

OK, I love T.S. Eliot and adore the Four Quartets, but I can’t tell a good poem from a lewd sea chanty; in fact, I incline to think there’s a lot of overlap. I know what I like, though, and I applaud the young woman who wrote these lines:

“You are depraved!” is missing, too.
Worthy-of-eternal-torment-for-being-born no longer the mantra
Berating me over and over
And over.
Not even a murmur declaring me
Evil, sinful, wicked, debased, weak, less-than.
Every condemnation for merely being human is muted.

Read the rest at Bruce Gerencser’s blog, and those of you who have sensed the malice and degradation at the heart of Christian thought will recognize her words.

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