Demented tweet of the day

Israel has subsequently forbidden Reps. Tlaib and Omar to enter the country.

I don’t know what surprises me the most: that Donald Trump would actually connive abroad at injuring a domestic political enemy, or that Netanyahu yielded to the crude appeal to his manhood. Where have the grown-ups gone? Whatever happened to at least the pretense that partisanship stopped at the waters edge?

Most evangelicals, of course, are thrilled. Though evangelical leaders tend to downplay the eschatological (End Times) connection, because it’s totally nuts, the stouthearted morons in the pews can read the Inerrant Bible for themselves — and it says right there in Revelation that there will be an apocalyptic fight in Israel at Armageddon, and then Jesus will return and all those smartypants who laugh at them will get their just desserts. Therefore, anybody who isn’t a full-throated supporter of Israel must hate the Baby Jesus, probably kneels during the national anthem, and most likely gets extra-friendly with unauthorized persons. So there.

Or … something like that. It’s kind of muddled, but these are Evangelicals and muddled is the best they can do.

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