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Biden explained that the real choice is between Trump and American democracy, between Trump and objective truth and between Trump and someone with a basic understanding of what makes America “great.” The speech was intended to and succeeded in making the case that Biden could be that better alternative, but in another sense it should serve as a provocation to Republicans.

What and who are Republicans supporting? How can one love America’s founding principles and vote for Trump? Do tax breaks justify keeping a president that inspires white terrorism?

Anyone who fails to comprehend the decision we face and the obvious answers to these queries, unfortunately, is unreachable at this point. The rest of us will simply have to outvote those lost souls.

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

This column goes directly to the most maddening aspect of the national disgrace of Donald Trump: Unless we believe that the generality of Republicans, evangelicals especially, had no clue who Donald Trump actually is, then we have to face the reality that a lot of Americans are affirmatively hostile to the most foundational of American ideals, and want to be governed by a strongman unconstrained by the niceties of laws.

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