Utterly deranged tweets of the day

Apparently, the First Felon thinks that our elections may need to be protected from Google instead of Russia.

This is nuts — but I know people who will fall for it, people who are going to puff-up with indignation and begin condemning Google with every conversation.

Notice something important here: To the generality who enjoy Trump’s relentless attacks of others, Big Tech is also an other, a mysterious influence as incomprehensible as Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Martians. What is more, this is an especially potent attack because the stressed while male who adores Trump is much more likely to have a smarty-pants computerhead in the family that he despises for financial success, outlook, friends, and to feel threatened by automation and other technological changes.

Guaranteed: Republicans are going to be a lot more willing to talk about curtailing the influence of Big Tech than they are willing to talk about sensible gun control.

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