Meet my neighbors, ctd

Oh, boy.

Within 45 days of the facility opening its doors, state officials gave its operator, New Horizon Group Home LLC, hours to shut them again, saying conditions presented β€œan imminent danger to the health, safety and welfare” of the boys housed there.

Yet barely one year later, the federal government awarded New Horizon a $3.9 million grant to house up to 72 children – migrant kids navigating the Trump administration’s border policy alone.

The federal Administration for Children and Families, which oversees the Office of Refugee Resettlement, awarded the grant to New Horizon despite the fact that the company has gone months without a required state license to house any children.

Did the Feds visit this place before handing-over a pile of money? Did they ask to see licenses? Apparently not.

Hell, I should have applied for a grant to operate a group home here in my office.

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