Sane theology-related quote for the day

You might not know what it’s like to be told to “go back where you came from.” But nearly every immigrant, child of immigrants and person of color in America does. What must they think of an evangelical movement that claims to follow Christ but continues to support (or ignore) such bigoted demagoguery?

Meanwhile, an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released July 22 tells us that 73 percent of self-identified white evangelical Christians continue to approve of Trump’s performance.

Erich Bridges, SBC Voices

As I said shortly after the 2016 election, supporting Trump will be fatal to the Evangelical Right — and I was not wrong; they just can’t hide their mean-spiritedness, their ignorance, their bigotry any longer. If you want some insight into how bad it actually is, how oblivious they are, just go read the comments at the linked post.

Donald Trump — all the energy he puts into maintaining gaudy, obvious fictions, all the (barely) subterranean malice, all the racism, all the lies, all the ignorance … Donald Trump is the truth about who and what the Evangelical Right actually are, the evangelical id given flesh.

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