Un-self aware theology-related quote of the day

I sometimes marvel that God chose me to serve in the ministry. I realize that God knows me better than I know myself. Still, I know my sins and shortcomings, and I would not choose myself. There must be lots of guys of better character and giftedness than me.

Mark Terry, SBC Voices

I’ve no reason to suppose that Pastor Terry is anything but sincere and well-intended, but … seriously? He who set at least 100-billion galaxies in place, each comprised of 100-billions stars, uncountable billions of those stars with solar systems (and, probably, life), peered down through all that cosmic clutter and thought to himself, “I’m going to use that infinitesimally teensy speck of dust right there as one of my publicists.”

After all … he is so unworthy!

It’s a nice prĂ©cis of the madhouse implications, and inherent degradation, of Christian teachings.

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