Channeling Joseph Goebbels, ctd

The Trump campaign has blasted out an email falsely claiming that Mueller “confirmed” there was “no collusion, no obstruction, totally unprecedented treatment.”

Maggie Haberman, New York Times

Once again, this is Trump and his enablers promoting blatant, self-serving lies, creating an alternate reality right in plain sight of the entire world. His cult will accept it, and Republican lawmakers, who have degenerated into a claque of whores servicing malicious ignoramuses, will politely turn a blind eye.

I began the day with some hope for these hearings. After all, the Mueller Report is dispositive: Donald Trump is a criminal, and the stringent-minded are within their rights to conclude he is a traitor as well. The Republicans, I imagined, would be somber, grave, serious.

But … No. It’s been nothing but a circus of cheap theatrics; they don’t care.

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