Dismal theology-related tweet for the day, — OR —
The Christian marriage

Have I ever mentioned that, taking instruction from a 1st-Century cult, modern Southern Baptists don’t actually approve of marriage? I think so.

Linger on that thought for a while, think about what is being said: Marriage is an instrument for serving the cult; it is not — NOT — about building together the satisfying lives you and your spouse want.

No wonder evangelicals have the highest divorce rate in society.

I say again, then: If pleasing an Invisible Wizard who lives in the sky is the most important thing in your life, then …

  • You are a fool …

  • Who is committing a fraud against your spouse, and …

  • Not actually married at all.

Russell Moore, y’all will be comforted to learn, has the answer: Fools ought to marry only other fools. From advice given to a Christian man who has got his non-Christian girlfriend pregnant, and wonders what he ought to do.

If you were merely dating this woman I would counsel you to immediately end the relationship. But the situation is, of course, more complicated than that.

[ … ]

The question here is not whether you will be yoked unequally with an unbeliever. You are. The question is whether you can or should get out of it.

Well … I don’t know. After all, she doesn’t claim to be godly, and isn’t the one who does claim to be godly, fooled around anyway, and then went looking to Russell Moore for help getting off the hook.

It looks to me as if the question ought to be this: Should she marry this sniveling li’l hypocrite? — and on first impression, the answer is … No. But, then, I am well-known to be extremely wicked.

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