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On the border, the administration holds hundreds of migrant children in deplorable conditions: filthy, frightened and hungry. The president ordered and then called off a massive immigration raid, and, in the middle of the chaos, the administration’s top border security official resigned Tuesday.

Overseas, the administration is stumbling toward war with Iran, ordering and then canceling an attack. Iran on Tuesday said the White House is “afflicted by mental retardation,” and Trump responded by threatening Iran with “obliteration.”

Here in Washington, Trump just appointed a new press secretary for the third time and a White House communications director for the seventh time. He refuses to say whether he has confidence in his FBI director, his third, and he’s publicly feuding with the Federal Reserve chairman he appointed over whether Trump can fire him. Meantime, Trump is defying a Trump-appointed watchdog who called for the firing of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway for illegal political activities, and he’s brushing off the latest credible accusation of sexual misconduct by saying the accuser is “not my type.”

Dana Milbank, Washington Post

That’s as neat a précis of the past week’s headlines as you’re likely to encounter, and I marvel that there is anybody, anywhere, for whom it isn’t obvious that Trump must be removed from office.

Even the Trump cult, the Deplorable One-third, must be getting tired of defending his incompetence, his lawlessness, his dishonesty — right? Nope. Jerry Falwell, Jr., in fact, is some kind of peeved that Russell Moore presumed to say that our treatment of migrant children is not what it should be.

Falwell puts Moore straight:

The upside, I suppose, is that the incandescent hypocrisy of the Evangelical Right, the most immovable of the Trump cultists, can’t possibly be fooling anybody but themselves nowadays. Too bad it’s a bunch of blameless children who are paying the price for it.

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