Deranged quote for the day

I guess I’ve mentioned in the past that the Trump base is a cult, but it never hurts to refresh the evidence.

“He’s just for our freedom,” the first subject — a woman in hot pink-themed attire — said. “We don’t want socialistic policies. We want to be free.”

“Any disappointments or frustrations?” Alba asked the woman.

“No. None at all,” she replied. “Not at all, I hope we have the next four with him, and then after that, I hope his son runs.”

“He’s done an excellent job,” said another woman, who wore a pink “Trump 2020” hat and a “Proud Member of the Basket of Deplorables” t-shirt.

“Excellent. You guys need to back off, leave him alone. It’s true,” she added.

“What’s the main reason you’ll vote for him again?” Alba asked.

The woman replied that Trump is “one of the best presidents that we’ve had for a very long time,” and then said, “He doesn’t lie.”

After a pause so the actual universe could spit its drink, the woman added, “I know y’all say he does, he doesn’t.”

Trump supporters live in their own private fantasyland where they are as unaffected by reality as the average Southern Baptist. You cannot reason with them; they have to be defeated and pushed aside.

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