The sickness on the Right, ctd

A Tennessee sheriff’s deputy has been placed on leave because he delivered a church sermon calling for the execution of gay people.

The Knox County Attorney General’s Office said it is looking into a church sermon by a Knox County sheriff’s detective that called for the government to arrest and execute LGBTQ community members.

In the hourlong sermon based on an Old Testament passage, Detective Grayson Fritts, also a pastor at All Scripture Baptist Church in Knoxville, told his congregation June 2 that he believes that federal, state and county governments should arrest, try, convict and “speedily” execute people within the LGBTQ community on no more grounds than a cell phone photo of a person participating in a Pride event.

You can see the problem: The Inerrant Bible, which is totally true and trustworthy according to every Christian Holy Man on earth, really does call for the execution of LGBTQ people. What is a simple Pious believer to do but demand their execution?

After all, that’s what Our Invisible Friend commands us — right?

The other possibility — which I favor, by the way — is that the claim of Biblical inerrancy is a marketing lie that serves nobody’s interest but Holy Men, who are supposed to be experts in interpreting the Bible, and only morons fall for it.

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