Channeling Joseph Goebbels, ctd

This screed by Sean Hannity, approvingly tweeted by the Liar-in-Chief, is a good example of a commonplace with this administration: Big Lies, repeated as universally acknowledged facts.

We are not talking about ‘spin,’ embellishment, or any such thing; we are talking about self-serving fictions peddled as well-known facts. We are talking about the media strategy perfected by Joseph Goebbels in 1930s Germany — the strategy that Adolf Hitler rode to global catastrophe.

Do yourself and your country a favor this weekend: Get a copy of the Mueller Report — and read it. Some other recommended reading: The Nightmare Years, by William Shirer, and The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer. We are reliving, right now, here in America, that awful decade when the loonies seized power and Germany passed into the hands of a malignant vengeance cult.

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