Jamming God’s frequency

Apparently, the Creator of the Whole Big Universe can be foiled by chemtrails.

The chemtrails, all the spraying is to detract us from hearing God’s frequency. They are spraying aluminum and barium in the chemtrails and if you look on the periodic table — barium is BA, aluminum is AL; it spells BAAL. That’s deep. That’s no coincidence. We are literally walking antennas because we’ve been breathing the aluminum, we’ve been breathing the barium. We are literally giant antennas, which was intended.

If you want to get really deep on this, these entities that the devil has put down here that these satanist worship or tap into for this knowledge, if you will, they have told them how to do this stuff. They’ve showed them how to do this stuff for decades, for thousands of years, but they’ve tapped into this stuff about how to clog up man’s ears and eyes to be able to sense and feel God.

Now we know why so many prayers seem to go unanswered, I guess.

By the way, just so’s you know, the Periodic Table was created by a Russian named Dmitri Mendeleev; almost certainly, it would have been prepared using the Cyrillic alphabet.

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