Feel the love-love-love department

As everybody who pays attention to these sorts of things knows, Rachel Held Evans — a Christian journalist who left a detailed chronicle of her abandonment of orthodox evangelism — died a few days ago at the too-young age of 37. If you can stomach it, Bruce Gerencser has gathered a representative sampling of commentary by the Pious.

As in her life, Rachel Held Evans was surrounded by heretics and applauded by apostates at her death. She was ‘anointed’ with oil in the hours before her passing by the self-professed “profane bulldyke” and mannish, self-graffitied, vulgar blasphemer, Nadia Bolz-Weber, who better personifies the Grim Reaper than perhaps anyone in a clerical collar. It’s hard to believe that anyone ushered into the world to come by Bolz-Weber would be ushered into the right world.

Perhaps her own tweet conveys this point the best [Evans’ tweet about God not being a dude.]

Evans knows that God is male now. She also knows so much more. The God she expected to see is not the God she now knows.

Evans, who has used her life’s energy to attack the authority and inerrancy of the Scripture …

I am not kidding when I say that most people have too much sense and decency to be ‘good’ Christians, and that it’s the ones who don’t that you need to watch-out for.

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