Rewriting history

The Liar-in-Chief is channeling Joseph Goebbels again.

No. The Trump cult isn’t going to read the Mueller report because they know it doesn’t uphold their fantasies, but the rest of us need desperately to read it carefully. The Trump campaign, including Trump, knew that the Russians were meddling in the election, knew the Russians were forwarding stolen files to Wikileaks, expected to benefit from the thefts and publication, did not notify the FBI, and sought to frustrate the investigation. It’s all there, and in plain language.

When Trump writes “The Mueller Report strongly stated that there was No Collusion with Russia (of course) and, in fact, they were rebuffed at every turn in attempts to gain access” he is inventing history, concocting facts out of thin air. The report does not say those things; it says the opposite.

Seriously: Your country needs for you to get to a bookstore and get a copy of the report and read it.

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