The “scoop” that isn’t

Except for FOX News, the major television news outlets were all dominated last evening by the Washington Post’s report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller sharply criticized Attorney General Barr’s 4-page summary of the report.

This is news to only those who haven’t read the report. For those of us who have, it’s been obvious from the get-go that (a) Barr egregiously misrepresented Mueller’s conclusions and (b) after 2-years of work and abuse from the First Felon, Mueller was probably pretty unhappy about that. The only interesting question is, Why did Barr do it? Surely he knew that his misrepresentations would be uncovered and become the subject of public discussion. I am able to think of only two possible explanations, both of them unflattering to Barr.

  1. Barr intended to withhold publication of the report, so that his summary would be the final word, or …

  2. Barr has been compromised and is willing to publicly humiliate himself and end his career in disgrace in order to avoid something worse.

Clearly, Barr must go. If he will not do the honorable thing and resign, he should be impeached.

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