Dismal theology-related quote for the day

In my lifetime I have never seen a more biblical president than I have seen in Donald Trump. He is highly biblical and I would say to your listeners [that] we will, in all likelihood, never see a more godly, biblical president again in our lifetime. So we need to be not only praying for him, we need to support him, in my opinion, in every possible way that we can.

Michelle Bachmann

Well … I don’t know what I think about this. Certainly, Trump doesn’t take inspiration from the Jesus of Christian marketing lies — but neither do most Christians. And, he is a lot like a great many evangelicals here in the home of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I think, in fact, that’s why evangelicals love him: he is as squalid and mean-spirited and devoted to enforcing pretense and fantasy as themselves.

So, albeit in a very narrow sense, I guess I have to agree that the First Felon is a Godly man.

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