Egregious tweet rant of the day

By even the dismal, dishonest standards of The Donald, this is an amazing series of tweets.

The first time a Republican uttered the words “repeal and replace” — notice, replace — the undergirding premise of the ACA had been accepted: the government has a responsibility to make affordable health care available to every citizen. Once the premise of Obamacare had been accepted, it was a fight over the details of how, not whether.

There is plenty of room to fight over whether, and there is plenty of room to fight over how — but the Republicans conceded the ‘whether’ half of that conversation and then, in bad faith, refused to discuss the ‘how,’ refused to discuss the inevitable corrections and repairs that would be required for such a huge, sprawling bill.

Now, the First Felon wants to eliminate the ACA outright today, and offers a promise to provide something better in 21-months, though no Republican knows anything about a plan.

It isn’t likely to happen under the government of a corrupt fraud like Trump, but Congress should focus on repairing the ACA, not re-inventing it.

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