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Back in the ol’ hometown …

Clinton Township: A truck and trailer carrying the travelling Vietnam Memorial Wall has been stolen in Clinton Township. The truck and trailer are emblazoned with Vietnam Veteran/Military stickers and paint… https://t.co/hkzotlCMlW — Motor City 911 (@DetroitScanner) December 27, 2018

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Clergy approval in decline, Journos up

What do you know? With relentless sexual abuse scandals located in the churches, and evangelicals’ rock-solid support for the First Felon, public regard for clergy continues to decline. Clergy’s Ethical Rating Continues to Decline While journalists have experienced a surge … Continue reading

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Dismal theology-related tweet for the day

Why has John Owen’s influence endured for 400 years? His mind was illumined by Scripture, his affections devoted to Christ, his will subdued by the Spirit, his soul at war with his sin. https://t.co/q9TiDT4ZoU — Desiring God (@desiringGod) December 26, … Continue reading

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