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Dismal theology-related tweet of the day

There is no country in the world run by Christians that persecutes people of faith https://t.co/olhjj8D6cy pic.twitter.com/SxU1Rm1uuA — Catholic League (@CatholicLeague) June 25, 2017 This is a good example of saying something that is “sort of” true in order to … Continue reading

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Meet my neighbors, ctd

What do you know? A North Carolina-based televangelist has been indicted for tax fraud. North Carolina televangelist Todd Coontz – author of numerous books on faith and finances – has been indicted on charges of tax fraud spanning more than … Continue reading

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The unrepentant

In her magisterial account of Adolf Eichmann’s trial for war crimes, Hannah Arendt tells the story of the Allied search for lesser criminals. Even after the story of the Nazi death camps was well-known, investigators were astounded to learn that … Continue reading

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