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Dismal theology-related tweet of the day

Passing thorough rural Ohio and what appears but a birthplace of the positive thinking heresy. pic.twitter.com/wMTHTRM2HD — Albert Mohler (@albertmohler) April 12, 2017 Because, you know, positive thinking interferes with a good, bone-deep understanding of your utter unfitness to exist, … Continue reading

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Alabama Senate authorizes church police force

The Alabama Senate has signed-off on a bill authorizing a church to set-up its own police force. The Alabama Senate voted 24 to 4 on Tuesday to allow the Briarwood Presbyterian Church, a megachurch located in suburban Birmingham, to break … Continue reading

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Reprising Leviticus

Oh, boy. A trio of Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly have introduced a bill rolling-back same-sex marriages in this benighted state. News that the N.C General Assembly is once again talking about a ban on same-sex marriage is … Continue reading

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