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I will not …

… be snarky about a tornado hitting a Southern Baptist church. No. That is all. A photo from Pastor Friend showing the extent of the damage to Suburban Baptist's building. Will publish needs as soon as we know more. pic.twitter.com/WoFwWQXVFt … Continue reading

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Self-aggrandizing tweet of the day

And it isn’t even from The Donald! No. It’s from Albert the Pious. One of the unique privileges of being in an intellectual community like @SBTS is encountering huge ideas in person. https://t.co/0Pl6yLBKor — Albert Mohler (@albertmohler) February 7, 2017 … Continue reading

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Off to la-la land

The Bowling Green Massacre was a hoot — but maybe ol’ Kellyanne, liar-for-hire, simply misspoke? It happens, and I imagine she’s got so much make-believe ricocheting around inside her head that it’s easy to lose track of what is, and … Continue reading

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