Offhanded truth of the day

The Wartburg Watch has been discussing the just-released movie Spotlight, and today garnishes a recommendation to take abusive churches to court with this offhand observation:

  1. Blogs have been instrumental in bringing the reality of sex abuse in the church to the attention of the public. As the public applies pressure, churches are forced to deal with the truth.

  2. Litigation is essential in bringing to light the facts of abuse. Even pastors are concerned about lying after laying their hands on the Bible and swearing to tell the whole truth. Grant Layman’s admission of not reporting abuse to the police was instrumental in helping many folks to accept, albeit reluctantly, that SGM did not handle child sex abuse in an appropriate manner.

I love that: “even pastors are concerned about lying”. The centuries-old marketing lie that clergy have access to special cosmic knowledge denied the rest of us, that they are uncommonly virtuous, is going down — as it should. As a class, clergy are poorly educated and intellectually dishonest — and I include those who are graduates of bona fide seminaries — and reliably less ethical than the generality of the public.

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