Moore’s SBC departure

Nobody with more than cursory acquaintance with the Southern Baptist Convention will be surprised by any of this.

New allegations about the mishandling of sex abuse claims at the highest levels of the Southern Baptist Convention were made public in a recent letter between two high-profile leaders that was obtained Friday by The Washington Post.

While such allegations have been made by several women in the past, the letter includes new details from internal conversations, alleging that some institutional leaders bullied a sexual abuse victim, who was called a “whore,” and described in detail how many leaders resisted sexual abuse reforms.

Christianity is an innately degrading religion, and the Southern Baptist Convention is what you get when a large number of people are such fools that they take it seriously.

  • You are no damn good.

  • You were born no damn good,

  • You can never be any damn good,

  • And the only way to escape the eternity of torture you deserve is to join our club.

Kudos to Russell Moore, then, for his departure.

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