Baylor goes LGBTQ-accepting

Baylor University, a Baptist-identifying school, announced over the weekend that it may charter a LGBTQ+ student organization.

The Baylor University Board of Regents approved guiding principles of caring for all students on Friday, which includes LGBTQ+ students attending the university.

This includes the possibility of establishing a new chartered student group that adheres to the school’s core commitments, as well as its policies and statements, a news release said.

Y’all will probably not be surprised to learn that Albert the Pious, the Mightiest Theologian of Them All, is not happy.

Trying to say that it is maintaining some kind of commitment to an historic Christian understanding of marriage and sexuality, but it is going to be accepting an officially chartered student group that will oppose that understanding. By now, of course, it’s well known that Baylor University and its alumni and its student body, and no doubt in many of its faculty actually has moved to a very affirming position, but Baylor is in a cultural or denominational bind here, even though it does not have any direct accountability whatsoever to the Southern Baptist Convention and it made sure of that back in the 1990s, the reality is that it still wants to present itself as, in some sense, a Christian institution, in some sense, a Baptist institution. But what we’re looking at here is just another way of getting to surrender to the moral revolution without admitting that that’s what you’re doing.


Sexuality originates in our genes; that is a settled fact. Unhappily, the crowd which accepts the preposterous marketing lie that the Bible is inerrant can’t accept that and insist upon stoking a lot of controversy and misery. This is why we mustn’t accept the notion that religion in general, and the Bible in particular, ought to enjoy some sort of immunity from criticism. The Bible is wrong — period. We should stand up and say so frankly and end the tyranny of its ignorance.

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