Joe Biden and communion

Apparently, a goodly number of Catholics are annoyed that Joe Biden, who supports abortion rights, continues to receive communion from his Bishop.

Having a U.S. president who attends Mass week after week and talks about his faith is powerful to millions of American Catholics. But to millions of others, a Catholic U.S. president enacting one policy after another in favor of abortion access is a source of shame. This conflict is now headed directly at the U.S. church’s leadership group, which plans a vote about it at its spring conference.

Catholic leaders, like their massive flock, are deeply divided about Joe Biden, only the second U.S. president to come from the country’s largest faith group. Since his election, the increasingly loud right wing of the church has made clear that Biden cannot continue to expand abortion rights and call himself Catholic and go unchallenged.

Yeah, well … ho-hum. The Catholic Church’s hostility to abortion is well-known, and if they want to say that Biden is not a full-fledged member of the club they are surely within their rights. No foul here, at least none that I can see.

More interesting is this: Why does Biden belong to a club whose policies/rules he so conspicuously considers misguided?

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