Bogus morality

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue goes off on a riff today about religion as the source of morality.

Society prospers morally when we have more religious persons, not less. This does not mean that all atheists are immoral or that all religious persons are moral. But it does mean that society, as a whole, is better off, generally speaking, when it is populated by people of faith, and not their atheist counterparts.

Y’all will recall that Jehovah, whose justice is perfect and eternal, specifies death for gays and faithless wives, but is satisfied by eternal torture for those who don’t admire Him.

The uncomplicated truth is that morals and ethics are made by man, and then attributed by man to Our Invisible Friend in order to invest them with authority. What strikes me is that this scam persists. After all, Plato laid this question to rest more than 2400-years ago, with the dialogue Euthyphro. Bah.

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