Well. The YMCA has closed for 10-days, the local 24-hour Wal*Mart is closing at 11:00 PM for restocking, all of North Carolina’s schools are closed for 2-weeks, the local fast food places are serving only via the drive-though lane, on and on …

Since I was walking around 2-weeks ago grumbling that all of this and more needed to be done at once, I’m not complaining. The inconvenience is not that great, will not last that long, and will help arrest the spread of the virus. Seriously: This thing can be licked if everybody just surrenders a little bit of convenience for a few weeks. If we will all bite the bullet the financial pain can be abbreviated, too.

Not that I’m counting on that happening. The local NextDoor group features a gen-u-ine graduate of the Limbaugh Medical School who has undertaken to dub CoronaVirus as SnowflakeVirus and can’t shut up about the liberal plot to embarrass the First Felon. Or those tricky Chinese have hatched a plot which replaces fake climate change, or something; I can’t keep the conspiracies straight.

There are a lot of idiots here in the Good Ol’ U.S. of A., and they’ve been steeping in far Right lunacy for so long that facts can’t penetrate their ruined minds. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping there are enough sane, thinking Americans left to pull us out of the hole.

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