GOP platform promises to undo Johnson Amendment

When a Texas church nearly derailed Lyndon Johnson’s political ambitions in 1952, he returned the favor 2-years later by ramrodding through Congress an amendment to the tax code which prohibits non-profits from intervening in an election — basically, endorsing or condemning candidates from the pulpit.

Sixty-two years later, the Godly are still mad about that — and now they have a candidate who promises to give them what they want.

Repealing the amendment was a priority of the Trump campaign in the GOP platform meetings this week in Cleveland. “They understand the importance of religious organizations and nonprofits, but religious organizations in particular which is what the Johnson Amendment affects, to have the ability to speak freely, and that they should not live in fear of the IRS,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, who is on the Republican platform committee. “That is a priority in the platform, and from the Trump folks, it is a priority of the campaign, and will be a priority of the administration.”

We all know how this will work out: Churches will become tax-protected campaign centers, pimping their members to whichever candidate makes the largest donation to Pastor Bubba. One more reason to vote against Trump.

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