Mohler upholds the wickedness of contraception

Under fire for his backward-looking grow-your-own strategy, Pious Albert defends his condemnation of contraception.

A good many evangelicals hope to do far more than sow seeds of doubt about the morality of birth control. Our concern is to raise an alarm about the entire edifice of modern sexual morality and to acknowledge that millions of evangelicals have unwittingly aided and abetted that moral revolution by an unreflective and unfaithful embrace of the contraceptive revolution.

Because, you know, all useful knowledge and philosophy ceased to come into being when Revelation was admitted to the canon.

I would be quick to agree that indiscriminate copulation isn’t a good idea, but the proper response isn’t to look backward toward the Bronze Age for guidance; the proper response is moral reasoning grounded in the facts and reality of our time.

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