A Florida minister has been charged with stealing more than $70,000 from a charity he controlled.

The Rev. Larrie Lovett, 48, minister at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Brownsville, was arrested last Friday on charges that he allegedly stole more than $70,000 dollars, funneling the money through a community nonprofit agency that he directed.

The Brownsville Community Development Corporation [BCDC] had received money from the Children’s Trust in order to coordinate programs for children in the Brownsville and Liberty City communities as part of a violence-prevention initiative.

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  • Jennifer Jenkins

    I would like to see Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Brownsville’s church funds be audited and investigated…something tells me that Rev. Lovett’s sticky fingers didn’t just end with the BCDC…how else did he get some of the monies to pay the BCDC back!